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Engineering Graphics Technician

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The career that I am interested is being a graphic technician engineer. I believe

that in this career it can help the society by creating new products and making

new things and places. To me I like it because it can help expand your

imagination and creativity along the way. The way they work is that they use

rough drafts they sketch,3-d animation! they usually use computer programs to

know what they are doing. By far they have to have a thing for

drawing/illustrating because that is a big portion in what they do.

I found out that they can be graphic engineers, at first I didn't know because

usually engineers involve hand in work mostly, this one does to but it's not the

building it is the designing and the love toward creating. To me my passion is to

create something new and this is what the field does. I may not know all about

the jobs there is for an engineer, but I know once it involves graphics im into

them. My father wanted me to join in technician I wanted law, but im seeing im

starting to enjoy this field. This career can help out the society in approving ways

to sell their products. Many clients look for an effective way to sell their products.

What they do those clients go to the engineering graphics and they plan. They

use color like on posters or signs they also work for the magazines. The only way

to sell their products it's that they need to have graphic engineers because they

get trained and can be taught using specific skills to make the client happy. It

changes the world everyday. On classes like geography they use a lot of color

pencil to draw maps and they label the parts of the map and color the different

places to tell them apart. We collect data and put it all together to make a

finished piece, By than we have been talking about just one topic. This is the

career that I chose because you can expand your ideas and creativity. I think this

is a good job to those who love to doodle in their journal or always talking about

a product. Being a graphic engineer can be fun the way you want it to be.



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