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Engineering Management: Rhetorical Analysis of 2010 Academic Journal

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Essay Preview: Engineering Management: Rhetorical Analysis of 2010 Academic Journal

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Engineering Management: Rhetorical analysis of 2010 Academic Journal


Engineering management journals are difficult to read if you don't know anything about management but the target audience in this essay is educated. The style vocabulary journal can be hard to understand when one is unknown about Engineering. "How does culture diversity in group innovation team affect the innovation process" is analyzed throughout the essay using different standard of rhetorical analysis. The Raze man and pattern questions are applied to the whole essay, the article gives insight into the world of engineering management. Audience reading this article may expect to get deep information about the field of cultural diversity engineering management and acquire information about this topic which in turn would allow them to further understand the discipline of cultural diversity in engineering management.

Journal Overviews

Engineering management is a hard copy and online journal that gives insight to the public about disciplines of management in Engineering, cultural diversity and global innovation method as well as giving its audience an opportunity to give feedback which will be included in the next publication if selected. The journal has received great appreciation from global Engineering firms and multinational Engineering Corporation. A well-known journal among educators, engineer's and business management officers, this forum appeals to those interested in the field of Engineering management and cultural diversity involved in global innovation process. "Engineering management's" mission statement gives the guidance for its readers as well as deep information to the engineering companies' goals. The mission of this journal is to publish peer reviewed research articles and other scholarly manuscripts that pertain to explain the mode of engineering management and the diversity in innovational team, focusing primarily on multicultural teams and corporations of management.

This journal also gives importance to the research in determining the importance of cultural diversity engineering management. The journal addresses the needs of researches, engineers and students interested in engineering management. An audience may value this type of journal for providing its readers with articles that analyze the field of engineering management. This analytical information could allow a reader to understand the roots of this field and understand how this community communicates with one another. Production editor,, as well as journal editor,, are both the back bone of Engineering management journal. This journal has earned article status in its readers even more impressive. It is ranked as one of the best engineering management journals.

People can submit articles to this journal on annual basis with membership and also an account with scholar one manuscript. All articles submitted to journal teams are critically scrutinized. Article submission also requires fulfilling certain requests such as not exceeding 20 page limit, must abiding by company language and undergoing extensive reviews. The article is first peer reviewed by at least three experienced reviewers, and then the editor must accept it and forward it to the publication office where further edits are made. After completing all these steps, it will be published. Management officers, engineers, and teachers are all possible authors that may undergo this process of publication through these articles; the author may be addressing carious topics such as engineering management, global innovation team, communication styles, innovation process, cultural diversity, and international aspects of engineering management. The most important article reviewed was "the importance of cultural diversity in engineering management and global innovation team." Authors of these articles may draw assumptions about their audience, considering that people reading the articles have an educated background in the respected field. The authors may assume the reader knows about this field and is familiar with all the advance branches of this field. This journal is valid in all types of engineering management branches due to its extensive review of engineering management, work citations and references. The most important authors and award winning editor is Viviane Winkler. He is professor of engineering management at university of Bayreuth, Germany. He has an extremely healthy background in engineering management. His on of the most famous article is "How does cultural diversity I global innovation team affect the innovation process." I also selected this article to review.

Article Summary

"How does cultural diversity in innovation team affect the innovation process as the title suggests, the article from engineering management journal portrays the importance of cultural diversity in Engineering management. This article written by Viviane winkle and Richard Bo unclean, both are professors of university of Bayreuth, Germany. Engineering management is closely associated with all the branches of engineering. Engineering management of a firm ensures valued customers for its firm but also manages the whole infrastructure of company. My article focuses on importance of cultural diversity in global innovative team. The article emphasizes on the importance of importance of cultural diversity in international engineering firms. Deployment of global teams will help the multinational companies to grow outside the America with help of local team member. Presence of different groups of people from different countries can boost performance of engineering firms in local countries. Global innovation team with passion is guarantee for success in engineering management.

Research has shown that engineering companies using local employs of the country increases the success and creates opportunity of local innovation which at the end goes to mother firm. This success is not only related to engineering companies but also for consumer goods companies. There are many examples of companies with cultural diversity such as Dell, Pepsi cola etc. All these companies are managed through local management



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