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Reading - Gift of Food - Rhetorical Analysis

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Essay Preview: Reading - Gift of Food - Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis

In the reading "Gift of Food: How to Solve the agricultural Crisis, the health Crisis, and the Crisis of Poverty," Vandana Shiva claims how life would be so much different if people saw the meaning and the value of food in a different view. This approach is for each individual in society and how one simple change can make a difference in our lives. Yes food should be value in a different way and should make people value what they have, because there are other people in other countries who basically don't have anything to eat. Therefore, people should look at the real meaning of food, food productions, and the growth of economic income that is changing every single thing in life including the land of farmers.

Life would be meaningless if people did not have their daily nutrient meal of food. I do agree people do have different views as to how they value their food. Yes food is not just something that comes to a person or gets handed to them; people have to work to get their food. People that are fortunate to have a meal of food in their table should also recognize what they can do to make poverty lower down. People sometimes starve because economically they might not live a life where they can choose what they eat; they probably eat what they grow in their land or whatever can be offer to them. Just like Shiva mentions, "Do not send away anyone who comes to your door without offering him or her food" (pg 377). Is true a lot of people might think id not their duty to feed another person, but if they would put themselves in that situation they would want to get that help. Is true anything that has life in this world is consider a human being, for example, birds, ants, even things that grows in the grown our consider to have life. And for that same reason they should also not be forgotten to be feed, because for that same reason things that grow in the grown are more nutritionist to our bodies and are more natural substances to eat.



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