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Environmental Pollution

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Nowadays, our planet is surfering worldwide environmental pollution, which is badly undermining the environment people live in. In my opinion, environment protection is becoming such an urgent and big problem that only international cooperation could recover. However, single effort must be considered.

An international cooperation could save a lot of money and time and achieve a better outcome. Different kind of pollution. Government of course has to pay more money on research and then try to find the most efficient way to solve the pollution or at least to reduce the negative impacts. With the international cooperation and communication, other countries can share the statistics and experience which could make maximum function, avoiding unnecessary waste. In addition, the developing countries encountering financial problem are not able to afford the high costs of environmental protection. Without international aid, the local environment would continue be eroded, which could undermine the global environment in the long run.

At the same time, a single nation or any individual can also expert good or bad influence on the environment. Local people's subjective attitude toward environmental protection is considered the critical factor - if they don't take active actions and continue to do harm to the environment (deforesting, contaminating water supplies, and so on), the positive impact from the international aid would be limited. And a powerful example is the Greenpeace International. Its major financial supporters are individuals, and each member in the organization is always trying their best to protect our environment and our future. All of its supporters no mater in what kind of ways are contributing to environmental protection.

To conclude, I believe that the planet we are living on is suffering serious pollution which may lead to a disaster in the future. Only global perspective and personal efforts are going hand in hand, can environment protection reach the maximum function.



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