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Erp System

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how are u today i am so screwed The Government has made an improvement to the public transport system, such as the bus. Most busses are equipped with air conditioner and have more spacious seats for privacy and a much cleaner environment to relax while on your journey to your destination. Regarding the ERP system, it does help quicken the traffic, as it is an efficient way to pay the toll fees. But sometimes, the ERP's are stationed in places, which are unnecessary especially when only wanting to go for a short ride. So as a conclusion of the ERP system, it is quite effective to the road traffic and the flow of cars nowadays. The traffic in Singapore is mild but sometimes can be quite a trouble especially if you are only going for a quick ride and it takes you more time than usual to get to the destination. Traffic is usually not common unless it is in the morning where parents usually drop their kids off at school, employees go out for lunch and going back home. Comparing with other countries such as Indonesia, the traffic is much smoother and way more organized than in Jakarta. To improve Singapore's traffic we can make more roads leading from the industrial and office zones of the country and we can start using more public transport to decrease the car population causing the traffic to be easier to pass . I say that Singapore's transportation system is still quite effective. As it is a much cheaper way to travel to different places of the island and sometimes is more efficient than personal cars. The Pro's of the Transport system in Singapore is that it is accessible anywhere on the island and is very efficient causing more people to travel from one place to another swifter and simpler. The Con's are that Singapore lacks in Emergency Exit plans such as when the MRT came to a halt and the passengers had to walk on the train tracks and since they had no backup system, they couldn't breath and there was no light so they had to start breathing better by hitting a fire extinguisher on the window and had to walk in complete darkness back to safety.



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