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Essay on Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

Business ethics is the written support documents that supports the code of ethics and effective service to the people of the business economy. Business ethics describes the attitude expected of the organizations of citizens that perform these services. Three ethical issues within today's business environmental that affects the community and organization are relationships with clients or suppliers, dealing with people outside the company or organization and privacy/confidentiality.

Relationships with customers and distributors staff members must not have any conflict of involvement. Therefore, any citizen who has or obtains any benefit from a contract with a business in which the staff members that has a financial involvement should notify their supervisor on paper. The organization would the paperwork to the proper department.

Dealing with outside people and organizations staff members must not use their position or affiliation with the organization when communicating regarding matters not involving organization business. Staff members must not use organization identification, stationery, supplies and equipment for personal or political matters. When staff members are communicating publicly on matters that involve business, staff members must not speak for the employer on any topic, unless they were certain the views they express are those of management, and it is management's desire that such views be expressed publicly.

When dealing with anyone outside the organization, including public officials, staff members must take care not to compromise the integrity or damage the reputation of the employee or any other entity.

All financial and personal information about the customers or others with whom the organization has dealings is the privacy and confidentiality of that person. To supplement information all sources should be reputable and reliable and when possible any relevant information directly from the person concerned. All organizations should retain information only for as necessary or required by law and to protect the physical security of information.

Organizations should have limited internal access to personal information to those with a legitimate business reason to have the information and the use of personal information only for the legitimate business purpose for which it was obtained. The release of any information to individuals not involved with the business purpose should be made by management.

Within today's business that affects ethics, there are many problems that affect the community and organizations. All businesses and organizations should have a guideline describing the code of ethics for Staff members, employers and future lawsuits. Guideline would help also with conflicts of interest, gifts, entertainment and favors, organization records and communication. Establishing a guideline for business ethics,



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