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Essay on My Favorite Study Space

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Essay Preview: Essay on My Favorite Study Space

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When it comes to study space everyone has different preferences.Some people prefer more of a quiet area while others prefer a louder environment. All people find it easier when certain things are going on around them, whether its the temperature,scent sound,touch or sight that helps them concentrate.I myself have a personal preference of the space that I like to study in.

My favorite study space has to have a comfortable temperature. If it is to hot, I will end up with a headache, but if its to cold I will end up in bed. My perfect temperature would be something like a mid-September day, where it is to cold for shorts and a tank top, but it is perfect to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I would say that i want the temperature somewhere around 65 degrees,that would be ideal.

Another preference I have when I am studying would be a natural scent like the smell of lilac, or even a homey scent like cinnamon. If my study space has a revolting smell like garbage, then I will not have the capability to study. The scent of my environment has a large impact on my ability to do work.If the surrounding has a bad scent than that will be the only thing on my mind.

The sound in my study space also definitely has a big impact on your studying. I think if you prefer the quiet, then it must be quiet and if you prefer noise, then you must have a little noise to help you get your work done. I personally like a little bit of noise the silence actually distracts me. The sound of a fan helps me concentrate I think that it has a soothing sound and it helps me to relax as well.

When I am studying I like to be comfortable whether its the clothes that I am wearing, or the seat that I am sitting in. I preferably would like a cushioned chair, if I am in my bed I will end up to comfortable and asleep. I like to have sweatpants on and my hair tied back as well. The texture of the table also cant have the dirty feeling of crumbs. The dirtiness will cause me to be uncomfortable, and make me want to figure out another place to move to.

Something else that helps me study is when I see other people studying, seeing others getting work done actually motivates me to do the same. I have always been kind of competitive so I think that may have something to do with it. I also like the sight of spacious and clean space, I like to be able to lay all my work out and have everything i need in a organized manner and right in my reach.

The problem that I have when I am studying is that I can get distracted pretty easily.when I try to figure out where to study, I take all my preferences into consideration. If my study space correlates with everything I have written in my paper, then I should be all set!



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