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Visual Studies Session - Reflective Essay

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It was a visual studies session and the task laid out was simple, well at least for everyone else. I, however was still confused and muddled on what I had to do but I started anyway.

I realized while working on my collages that I never had any dilemma in choosing the right fashion images for each collage, because I understood my edited pictures very well in terms of their color, texture and the vibe each picture gave. I knew what went well with something and what didn’t.

I started off on the wrong foot by creating my first collage without cutting out the parts of the clothes. Instead, I cut off the head on the picture, this was not how it was supposed to be done. The whole point was to show how my edited images would come out as designs on the garments. I did my second collage in the similar way as well, simply because I thought it was more aesthetically pleasing. It wasn’t until the third one that I realized I had messed up, it upset me of course, but my first thought was to find a solution, so I used a craft cutter and managed to make the adjustments and transformations on the right places, the results could have been better but it still seemed fun and presentable to me.

From this session I learned how important it is to understand the instructions in class, and not just jump on to what seemed right to me. I plan to do this by making sure that I’m not distracted while the tutor presents the tasks; by not fidgeting with anything else or being preoccupied with other work.

I also realized that I can gain more insight into what kind of result I need to come up with by observing the examples on the screen more, which I always ignored before. So next time I’ll make sure I take a good look at those as well.    



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