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Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan

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Essay Preview: Ethical Conduct Implementation Plan

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Date: August 8, 2011

Over the past several weeks our businesses has been incorporating a new ethical conduct implementation plan. The plan has taken a lot of research and preparation time, and is now ready to be viewed by our fellow employees. Within the report our readers will discover what legal regulations need to be conducted when doing business overseas. What our company's ethical code of conduct is for our employees and our vendors. What the difference is between right and wrong, how to distinguish between right and wrong, and what legal actions can be taken if the ethical code of conduct is broken. How to identify unethical behavior or illegal business, and how to make sure the consequences are properly documented.

Throughout the training process students learn about various issues regarding ethical and legal challenges company's face. An ethical implementation plan should be composed as a report that will generate what ethical procedures employees need to follow. This code of conduct implementation plan will also address the organizations vendors, board of directors, as well as our general business operations.

Within this report the learner will find recent code of conduct violations, what considerations need to be taken when doing business overseas, and ethical issues that our business needs to be cautious of. Included will also be some of the solutions that would resolve these issues. Following this we will discuss how our company will apply the ethical and code of conduct procedures, and how we will proceed to incorporate our vendors into our ethical system. Knowing right from wrong is something every individual knows, but actually doing the right thing is a different story. Following our ethical procedures we will discuss what ethical acts are wrong, but may not be illegal. In the last section of the report we will discuss how motivating our employees to do the right thing is extremely important. By the end of this plan our company will have a great overview of what great work ethics are, and how to follow ethical and code of conduct procedures. This will able our company to have a well-written plan of action.

When doing business overseas there are many aspects that need to be considered prior to doing business. First the company will need to research the country they are going to, to help prepare their selves before going. They may want to find out about the countries culture, economic and political background, and also find out what may offend people. Learning some basic phrases such as "hello", "thank you", may help them get a great perspective of you. Make sure that during any businesses being done overseas you are professional and on time. Lastly be considerate to the other countries cultural differences. One example of doing business overseas that violated ethical procedures happened 16 years ago it involved Lockheed Corp. As stated by Fay Hansen 12/01/2000 "Lockheed Corp. learned the hard way that playing dirty in a dirty world can be an expensive way to do business. Five years ago, shortly before its merger with Martin Marietta Corp., Lockheed admitted to passing a $1 million bribe to an Egyptian official who helped sell its C-130 aircraft in that country. Charged with violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and faced with losing all its federal contracts -- worth about 70 percent of its $25 billion in annual sales -- Lockheed pleaded guilty, paid a $24.8 million fine and submitted to a detailed administrative agreement designed to ensure future compliance with the FCPA. The company provided periodic ethics reports to the U.S. Air Force, vastly expanded its ethics and compliance program, and made ethics training an annual requirement for all of its 140,000 employees." This all could have been avoided if the ethical plan of action was put into affect, and the employees obeyed



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