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Ethics Case Study

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Essay Preview: Ethics Case Study

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Ethics Case Study

Na'im Rasheed

Strategic Planning

Northwood University, Cedar Hill, TX, 75115

1. Should I stop what I am doing and comfort the "Sadhus" I encounter in my life; or should I keep on the path to my goals and not deviate? I would stop and comfort the Sadhus I encounter because it doesn't mean I can't still accomplish my goals. I believe the Sadhus I encounter in my life are not there by chance but are there for reasons I may or may not know at the time of my encounter.

2. Should I pause to help the derelict I pass on the street each night as I drive by in my SUV on route to my suburban home? Am I his brother? I should help the derelict I pass on my home, but I think I'm always conflicted with to what extent do I help because I know he/she needs help beyond the money or ride I may offer. I believe I am his brother in the brotherhood of humanity as it relates to the family of human beings living here on earth. I believe that sense of brotherhood is the reason I help some derelicts I encounter.

3. What is the nature of our responsibility if we consider ourselves to be ethical persons? I believe it is our responsibility to do what is right as it relates to our personal values and the ethics we live by. I believe we must continue to evaluate our ethics as we become part of a group or organization to ensure they are not compromise in times of stress.

4. Is our responsibility to change the values of the group so that it can, with all its resources, take the other road? If, "yes," how can that be done? No, I don't think it is our responsibility to change the values of the group; it is the challenge of the group to be sensitive to the needs of individuals. It is the group's responsibility to try to benefit as a whole from the values of each individual.



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