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Facility Planning Part I

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Essay Preview: Facility Planning Part I

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Facility Planning Part I

As we look at all the health care facilities surrounding us and serve us to get us to our

optimal health, many of those facilities need improvement to give the optimum health care

quality to all the individuals. There are constantly technological advances and with that, all the

facilities have to input and stay up to date with everything. Equipment is constantly improving

and patients are looking for quality care all over as the demand for health care is constantly

climbing up. The one facility that stood out was Coral Springs Medical Center as it is a county

hospital and serves many patients in the North West Broward area. Broward County also has the

North Broward Medical Center, and Broward General Medical Center to ensure that all of

Broward County areas are covered. The Emergency Room has constant activity and many

patients that walk in with all kinds of health issues, whether it is minor or a real emergency. It is

important to have all the up to date technology and best quality services that you can give to a


Coral Springs Medical Center

Coral Springs Medical Center is a modern facility that contains 40 treatment rooms with

state of the art technology and makes patients feel like home. This hospital consists of a primary

Stroke Center, Pediatric Emergency Department, Critical Treatment Rooms, and a Family Quiet

Room. The renovation increased the square footage to 28,000, which nearly doubled the entity

from before (BrowardHealth, 2011). Instead of 23 treatment rooms, they have 40 rooms now and

improved rooms, nursing stages, and better equipment. Broward Health has been serving

Broward County for over 50 years. With the new expansion, there is an expected 4,000 patient

increase from last year, for a total projection of 58,000 patients (Broward Health, 2011). This

hospital sees pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between. It is so important to be provide

the best quality care possible to satisfy the patient's needs, which includes having state of the art

technology accessible for fast, yet accurate care.

Emergency Department Expansion

In May of 2011, Broward Health Coral Springs Medical Center moved forward in serving

their patients and the community.



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