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Facility Planning Baptist South

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Baptist Hospital South is growing along with the community, they have made several changes and they are in the process of making more changes. They are in the process of expanding their emergency care center and expecting to open their facility February 2012. The state of the art is blending higher electronic setting with a twist of holistic mission and providing emotional, spiritual needs in the emergency room. Currently the hospital is costing them $11 million and that will double the size of the emergency room to 200,000 square foot bigger. Growing with the community the facility has increased the capacity to assess patients and decrease the wait time in the emergency room. The new set up is to divide the facility into two eight room pods, which will have a devoted nursing station, with the newest equipment and sufficient staffing. With this new construction it will allow no long wait and streamline the process and communication and create a pleasant experience for all the patients.

Last September Baptist opened a new state of the art cardiac catheterization with great success that is used appraise and confirm the presence to evaluate muscle function, heart disease, of the heart and to determine the need to treat patients further. With the state of the art lab the physicians are able to perform interventional peripheral vascular catheterization and diagnostic in the new lab. In the near future the hospital is looking into expanding and includes interventional cardiac cauterizations.

Baptist Hospital is seeking to do different types of blends in advanced electronic environment with a holistic mission who provides spiritual and emotional needs to the patients and their families. The hospital is a Faith based driven and dedicated to providing quality care for everyone.

During the construction they decided to make it more convenient for the patients and built a new parking garage so that the patients are able to park at the surface and have better access to the building.

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Baptist Hospital has changed with the construction to a paperless and filmless environment. All their electronic is now electronic medical record it is a system that will provide a safer, and more well organized way for physicians and clinicians are able to provide health care. The physicians and hospital staff are able to track the patients' health information and the hospital allows the staff to retrieve all the medical information without faxing or making copies of their medical records. It includes all the patients' lab result, medical notes medications, orders, reports dosage and a lot more is available to help maintain the highest quality care that is possible. Fortunately, the computer network is to capture, store display and distribute the medical images electronically. It is such



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