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Fall Church General Hospital

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FCGH - Falls Church General Hospital Goals and improvement:

Falls Church General Hospital, with 895 employees, provides healthcare services, includes: Drug/alcohol abuse wards, emergency rooms, x-ray and laboratory facilities, maternity wards, intensive- and cardiac-care units, and output facilities. However, the hospital highlighted that it is concerned about the doctors and nurses, its supports staffs and the philosophy that employees do care about their work and patients; therefore, quality of healthcare is the hospitals goal.

The hospital has only looked at the problem internally - assessing the clinical quality of the hospital care, by means of research on books, journals and papers on related topic. However, the quality to improve this service has been biased: Ignoring customer's opinions.

So how will they improve? What do they need to do?

To improve the quality of health care, the hospital needs to make changes of current practices and attempting to make sure that internal and external relations; both perceptions are being considered.

For improvement to begin, they need to distribute surveys to their discharged patients or anyone that has a relation to the hospital externally. Therefore, having precise information to judge the quality of healthcare on both sides (external and internal). Moreover, stated in the case study Merrill Warkentin suggested that they should consider the 14 TRW's quality control. Having these two plans set out, improvement to the hospital can dramatically improve as they have been tested in other companies. Therefore, they can deliver what they promised.

Q.4) How can the value of a human life be included in the cost of quality control?

Human life can be included in the cost of quality control by poor by auditing, management, and training resulting in death (Jay Heizer, Barry Render, 2011, p.75). In a hospital setting, death occurs every day, however, unforseen complications such as equipment defects, untrained or low numbers in doctors and nurses are related to quality of health care services. Therefore, without the correct approach it can cost lives. To approach such complications FCGH needs to find and act accordingly to the correct policies and procedures that will produce the least chance of patient deaths (Jay Heizer, Barry Render, 2011, p.75).



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