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Riordan Manufacturing - Security Functions in General

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Essay Preview: Riordan Manufacturing - Security Functions in General

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Security Functions in General

The Riordan inventory and manufacturing system has security threats that call for the urgent need to implement the necessary security functions that can serve various purposes. After conducting an analysis on the current security policies of the company, it is identified that the current security systems require immediate action in addition to unique security measures needed for the implementation of information systems.

Security map and Unauthorized Access

The security network documentation for the company, that serves the purpose of locating various components within the inventory and the manufacturing system, is incomplete. The security network does not show the component location of the clients, servers, hubs, routers, and switches. Also, the company has a problem with the lack of physical security that serves as a control mechanism to unauthorized entry and exit within the system. People are able to access records and accounts of the inventory and manufacturing system without any log in information. The access of company data should be limited to supervisors and other employees who will make most use and production of the data. Maintaining a digital log of company data access will reduce unauthorized entry of random personnel viewing or manipulating data.

Networking Hub

The physical components of the proposed implementation of information systems require network security to prevent theft or piracy of company data. A location within the infrastructure of Riordan Manufacturing should be established as a "hub" for the physical components which should contain the following for the implementation of information systems:

* Servers

* ISP (internet service provider) modems

* Wired/wireless routers

* Administrator computer systems

* Extra accessories for future malfunctions such as Ethernet cords, power cords, maintenance and back-up software on CD-ROMs.

This hub should be located in a space with no more than two entries that are secure with a keypad lock control mechanism that requires a number code for access. An IT department needs to be hired and given access to this network hub where they will maintain the hub itself as well as the networking productivity of Riordan Manufacturing. All computer systems of the company will be connected to the network hub by an Ethernet cord and all digital mobile devices will connect with the network hub via wireless router. The IT department should prioritize the security of the wireless router and produce a reliable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key that will enable the company's mobile digital device users to connect to the company intranet and no



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