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Fast Food and Home Cooked Food

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Essay Preview: Fast Food and Home Cooked Food

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Fast Food and Home Cooked Food

Food is something that we as humans need to take at least two times every day. Some people believe food should be perfectly fresh and natural. In comparison fast food with home-cooked food there are differences. Everybody has different choices for food. Personally I am not so particular about eating food from outside or home-cooked food. For me it all depends upon the situation, mood and time. Eating from outside and home cooked food, have their own associated pluses and minuses. Below I will try to account some of those facts, based on the contrast and comparison between eating fast foods and home cooked foods in many ways. There are advantages to both fast food and home made food. While fast food may be more convenient, home cooked food is healthier and cheaper:

These days people are very busy and even most of the women are working outside the home, since social life style has changed, therefore shortage of time makes fast food more convenient. Some times you are not in the mode to cook and work in the kitchen and clean the dishes; therefore fast food is the best choice. Everyday before cooking

people always think about whether they should cook or not and what kind food they will eat. In my situation, I always have to take a long time, it is always the same food and does not taste good. However, if I eat out, it is more convenience and there are more choices. This case is not only for me, many people have a similar problem as me. Food is plentiful and anywhere we can see the restaurant to eat to get food, therefore, many people like to have fast food.

There is important differences between fast food and home made cooked, which makes it more preferable and that is health issue. The very obvious reason is, home-cooked food will be definitely much healthier than any fast food. Even if you get the food from any of the top-notch five star restaurant also, it can not be that healthier. Fast food is almost always fried, which makes it tastier but harmful to your body and your health. Although you fry food at home but at least you can control the amount and type of oil you use. Eating more fast food can cause fatness or obesity. Home cooking is exactly how you want your meal to be done and you can control the entire ingredient going into your recipe. In fast food restaurants they use some artificial things to add color, taste, etc, which is not good for your health.

Most fast food is frozen and, therefore, it is not fresh, but the home cooked food is always fresh and of course healthier. Frozen food loses all its vitamin and protein. People, who prefer fast food, are sacrificing healthy home food just for convenience. By eating lots of fast food you risk having high blood pressure which can cause major health problems as you get older, higher cholesterol, diabetes



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