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Popularity of Fast-Food Chains

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Essay Preview: Popularity of Fast-Food Chains

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The popularity of fast-food chains has reached its peak during the war. It was the time when men are all required to serve and fight for the country. During pre-war, women's job is only to take care of their children, serve their husbands and to clean the house but the war changed everything. The war gave women the time to prove that they are amongst equal to men by filling in the jobs they left. Since then, the fast-food industry came in the picture and gave women the opportunity to work and earn money. Also, the convenience of fast-food because of its "speedee service" is loved by all the workers who doesn't have time to eat or have long hours of their break. Due to the popularity of this industry, the business of fast-food grew globally and it has become a part of our culture. Therefore, the fast-food business has not only given people jobs but also it is convenient and it has affected us globally.

Thanks to the McDonald brothers who invented the method of 'speedee' service because it has helped everyone who are busy working and always on the road. Together with the 'speedee service', the growth of their production also lead to the production-line process in the kitchen which supported the fast paced production in the restaurants. Their method of service also complement the drive-thru service fast-food restaurants provide. This is the reason why the fast-food restaurants created more franchise to satisfy people globally and give them a 'taste' of the American food.

When it comes to global changes, the fast-food business is sweeping our nation's powers. The fast-food industry has become the world's number one job provider and product consumer. These businesses also earn thousands of dollars everyday for a single store. Our way of life has drastically changed when the fast-food business bloomed. Our diet has changed, our culture has changed and some of them replaced by McDonalds, Burger King, etc., and even our opinions are changed based on the modern upbringing of the new invention. Since then ⎯ it was stated in the book "Fast Food Nation" that one in eight Americans have worked in a fast-food setting ⎯ the fast-food industry has also stepped into our jobs.

During the World War II, a lot of jobs opened and in time for the rise of women in the business. As we all know, the fast-food industry is the number one job provider in the country and even world wide that is why there is a huge connection between women, jobs and fast-food. The fast-food workforce got based on the available people in the society, which are women and teens. That is why today, women are not only kept at home doing household chores and keeping up with their kids. You can see women in streets, corporate buildings and in other places, you can see a woman in the presidential seat.

That is how fast-food has changed us. Little by little it revolutionizes us and we are not



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