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Fatal Attraction - Borderline Personality Disorder

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Essay Preview: Fatal Attraction - Borderline Personality Disorder

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A person with a borderline personality disorder often experiences a recurring pattern of disorganization and instability in self-image, mood, behavior and personal relationships. A person with this disorder can often appear warm, friendly and competent. However, something may quickly and easily set them off, and the instability shines bright. Just like with Alex in Fatal Attraction.

In the start of the film, Alex was outgoing, charming, fun, sexy and adventurous. The weekend spent with Dan seemed to be a mutual good time. Until, that it, Dan tried to break it off. Anyone could have their weekend together as a fling of a married man and a new exciting woman. He did not lead her on in any way, and she seemed fine with where they stood. When he tried to leave, she got very upset, over reacting for a woman who just seduced this married man. However, this sort of emotional instability is typical of those who have Borderline Personality Disorder. Relationships with others are often intense butturbulent and unstable- with distinct shifts of feelings. People with this disorder often are persistently trying to avoid abandonment, whether it imagined or not. The way Alex reacted by becoming extremely upset- first by yelling, then apologizing, then sobbing and slitting her wrists- is a normal reaction for someone who suffers with BPD. Unlike depression or Bipolar Disorder, the mood swings associated with BPD are short and rapid, lasting a day at the most. Alex showed inappropriate and intense anger and rage through tantrums, resentment, and feelings of deprivation. None of which is uncommon with this particular disorder. Someone with BPD may manipulate others and often may have difficulty with trusting others. This is what Alex did throughout the movie after Dan broke it off. She would at first be nice to him, act like nothing happened,...



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