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Feasability Estimate

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Essay Preview: Feasability Estimate

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Operational Feasibility

Develop a new information system to support its business and health information management needs. Develop a medical practice software solution that allows each office worker to conduct their job more efficiently.

The information system will support current operations and will be flexible for future growth. Possibility of business support system for the scheduling, billing, accounting, and payroll functions as well as the a system to support the clinical applications of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).

Operational analysis demonstrates it would operate as soon as a patient comes into the office. An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is started for the patient that includes the patient’s demographic information, medical history, and insurance information.

A patient may see any of the healthcare providers, including physician, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or the nutritionist. Any of these providers can enter any orders or prescriptions into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with the Computerized Provider Order Entry CPOE system and would be supported by the Clinical Decision Support System CDSS.

A patient will be able to make follow-up appointments when necessary.

The patient’s records will be maintained by Susan Gifford and she will ensure records are accurate and up to date.

Any supplies used can be reordered on the new system by Carla Herrera.

*Possible problem areas:

Relying on one person to maintain the patient records and one person to order needed supplies, this could become a problem if either of these people are unavailable.

Solution: Cross train others that will be capable to fill in when needed.

Without proper training the many people that will be using the new information system may cause problems of not being used properly and lead to wrong information or inadequate information being entered into the system.

Solution: Ensure all healthcare providers are trained to operate the new information system.

Technical Feasibility Checklist

It will be necessary to replace the current software with new software designed for our purposes.

Of the current 75 computer terminals in use, 55 of them will need to be replaced because they do not meet the minimum requirements for the new software, and cannot be upgraded to accept it.

The other 20 terminals will be upgraded to meet the requirements making them capable of operation the new software.

The current server is inadequate to process the additional tasks that will be performed on the new network therefore a new server will be needed.

The new software will be installed on the new system and preliminary testing will begin.

The new system will be fully operational.

Economic Feasibility

Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis

A preliminary estimate of costs for the entire project is ___________, based primarily on the costs for development the new system, new computers, servers, software and staff training.



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