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Finance Case

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Hello Alex,

Based on the early estimate that we have found the first phase of our testing will take approximately 30 days. Sarah has been working on getting our test subjects ready and working on finding subjects that meet our requirement for the tests. I feel that our critical path will be as follows: we will need to work diligently to find our test subjects, and get them tested while working on finding the right combinations of the products to yield the results that NutroBalance is looking for. Complete the testing and then analyze all of the data so we can present our finding on or before the requested date of completion. Alex, I know we have a lot a work ahead of us so let's do our best to support Sarah in any way possible so we can complete the test phase of this project in a timely manner.

Section 2

Hello Alex,

I am writing to give you a recap on the project as it stands today. We are just about to fishing up the testing phase of the project for NutroBalance. For the last month we have had Sarah our analyst from NutroBalance working with test subject. Sarah has found our target consumers, began recruiting these test subjects and now is screening these subjects for the testing phase of the project. We began this project on 8/11/08 and we expect the project will be completed on or before 11/22/08Cost figures for this project have been estimated and the final budget for this project on our current time. So far the begging stages of the project have gone well. We have not run into any major issues thus far. We have been working diligently to find our test subjects and trying to avoid any short falls during this important phase of the project.

While gathering the information for this email it has come to my attention that we have gone over our allotted time foe the test phase as it has taken a lot longer to get all of our potential tester screening the allotted 20 days. We have now pushed our time line out by 10 extra days. As we all know the testing and screen phase of this project has to just right so we are able to find the right candidates to test on the Ultra-MAX pills. Going over by 10 days I have had to pull resources to help speed up the screen process so we can get back on track. I don't feel at this point that we have gone too far over on our time that we can't recover from this. I feel we will be able to shorten up out time line on the testing phase and by 5 days and work a little quicker when it comes time to processing the data. With small minor adjustments my team will be able to manage the overlap from the screen phase.

Risk is always feared when working with live test subjects and we will have to face this head on. We will make sure that test subjects are following the route for the pills on a daily basis and work on keep up with our test subject via email and text. Overall the project



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