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Finding a Solution to the Accommodations Issue at Cfb Comox - a Recommendation Report

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Essay Preview: Finding a Solution to the Accommodations Issue at Cfb Comox - a Recommendation Report

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CMNS 3000 Final Report

Matthew Patz

Pamela Ip

December 4, 2016

Finding A Solution To The

Accommodations Issue At CFB Comox:

 A Recommendation Report

                                Prepared for:         LCol Keith Stewart

                                                RCAOpsO (Pac)

                                Prepared by:         Lt. Matthew Patz

             04 December, 2016

Letter of Transmittal

Date:                04 December, 2016

To:                LCol. Keith Stewart, RCAOpsO

From:                Lt. Matthew Patz

Subject:        Recommendation Report to address housing issue at CFB Comox

Attached is the report “Finding A Solution To The Accommodations Issue At CFB Comox: A Recommendation Report.” Since the submittal of the proposal and progress report, significant research has been done to come up with a suitable recommendation for the problem.

Since there is an element of time pressure with this project, a construction method that is faster than traditional methods is required.  In addition, a structure more sturdy and conducive to rest than modular tents is also required.  Based on these requirements, we found that using prefabricated buildings would meet these needs.  If managed correctly, prefabrication, in comparison to traditional construction methods can offer shortened project times, reduced cost, and high quality all while not sacrificing on design quality.

Although the housing issue is widespread throughout Canadian Forces Bases across the country, this report only focuses on the issues related to CFB Comox.

For the reasons listed above, and outlined in this report, it is recommended that prefabrication be used to construct accommodations buildings for the base.

Thank you for allowing me to work on this project.  I look forward to working with you on any follow-up activities. If you have any questions, please contact me at matthew.c.patz@gmail.com.


Lt. Matthew Patz

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal        3

Executive Summary        5

Introduction        6

Problem        6

Scope        8

Terms        8

Body        8

Methods        8

Results        9

Why is prefabrication a good alternative to traditional construction?        9

How customizable is the prefabrication design?        12

What level of quality can prefabrication offer?        13

What are the risks associated with prefabrication?        13

Conclusion        14

Recommendations        14

References        15

List of Figures

Figure 1: Temporary Shelters        7

Figure 2: Cash Draws For On-site vs. Off-site Projects        10

Figure 3: Locating Prefabricated Structure        11

Figure 4: Prefabrication Design        12

Executive Summary

In response to an accommodations shortage on Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Comox, this report has been written to provide a possible solution to this problem.

Presently, inadequate and insufficient housing is a problem at Canadian Forces bases across the country.  The accommodations buildings are largely very old and many are no longer fit for inhabitation and are therefore demolished.  Without a plan to replace these demolished buildings, a shortage of available accommodation units occurs.  This has been a notable problem at CFB Comox when there is a large influx of military staff on the base during the summer months.  

As you are well aware, this insurgence of people combined with a shortage of accommodations had left the base with a problem this past summer and was required to respond quickly with a temporary solution. This temporary solution was to erect a camp of modular tents.  

The tents created a host of problems, most significantly for the glider instructors.  The flimsiness of the tents exposed the instructors to the elements and often did not allow for adequate rest, something that is paramount to flight safety.

Due to the limited time frame until next summer when additional accommodations will be needed again, a solution that can be completed reasonably quickly is a major factor.  In addition, the solution must be one that is sturdier than a tent and is conducive to rest for flying crew.

This report found that prefabrication is a solution that if implemented diligently, can be a good solution to the problem.  When compared to traditional construction methods, prefabrication offers the opportunity for decreased cost, decreased time to completion, and inclusion of a warranty, all while not compromising on quality of design.

While there are challenges that accompany an endeavor such as this, they can be overcome if they are identified at the outset. These challenges include the higher initial investment required for prefabrication due to the initial setup costs of getting a factory ready for manufacturing the prefab sections.  This could create a problem because the military procurement process looks for the cheapest solution possible.  If this characteristic of prefabrication is understood, it can be managed and could actually result in decreased overall project cost.



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