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Recommendation Report

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Due to the regulation, we understand that it is hard to dismiss workers even in the offline season as there are complicated procedures with the government.

Thus we recommend you to apply positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is applied when you want to increase the odds of an employee who does an excellent job to continually improve and keep on the good work. For example, when you praise an employee for doing a great job, you increase the likelihood of him/her doing that job at the same time. As your employee requests a high quality of life, you can consider treating holiday as reward. A nice holiday will certainly raise your employees’ working incentives. In order to reinforce with a positive impact, you have to understand clearly the components that leads to their great performance.  With concrete and definite work targets for the particular person or team, you should then determine what actions contribute the most to successfully reach the target. Positive reinforcement both shapes behavior and enhances an employee’s self-image.

Due to cultural difference of different employees and employers, there may be conflicts and lack of communication among all of them leading to which they may not abide by or be able to follow the instructions and rules set by the employers.  Therefore regular meetings where everyone can attend should be hold more often to enhance communication between employees and employers.  Opinions can also be expressed and heard throughout meetings which paves the way to a better working result.

There are certain limitations in the recommendations, as the workload of you may increase on holding regular meeting or joining cross cultural training and it really takes a lot of time. But as they say: No pain, No gain. We hope that these inconveniences will contribute to the happiness in your life and better reputation of the resorts. 

In conclusion, we hope that the measures we given today will not only help you to work smooth in the workplace but also help you to have more opportunities to enjoy your life. If you have any enquires about the measures, please feel free to ask us question.



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