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Fire Fighter

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Municipal firefighter

Firefighting is the act of extinguishing fire. A firefighter fights fires to prevent loss of life, and or destruction of property and the environment. Firefighting is a highly technical skill that requires professionals who have spent years training in both general firefighting techniques and specialized areas of expertise. Many fireman are also emts who respond to medical related emergancies. The most important resonsibility on the job is to protect and serve your community.

I belive that i would make a good fireman because i am a volunteer fire at this time. I belive I have many good qualifications for this job. Such as i have taken several trainning corses through my fire department. I also have many hours of experiance in the field trainning and also responding to many emergancie stituations. The working conditions of this job can be very dangurous, because some calls you have to go into burning building to get people out and put out the fire out. The hours of the job depend on the shift thats you are working. Most fireman work 48 hours on duity and the have three to four days off then start the rotation over again.

The salory of a fireman is 45 thousand a year at an entry level position. But a fire who has been working for a few years is making 60 thousand. The job outlook for this career is very strong because you will always need fireman to put out fire and help people in emergances. I wouldnt want to be a fireman in any big city because the call volume in the cities is alot higher thenn in a small city. Some related occupation are fire provention supurvisor. The job is mainly going around to schools or business teaching people or children what to do to prvent fires from happening.

Advanced oppertunities in firefighting are becoming a fire chief captain or lutenate. And after working on the job for a few years you will gain more knowledge and experiance. To become a paid fireman you have to go to college to get a degree in fire science. The degree program is a full time college corse and during the corse you will become certified in firefighting. You will also get all the special class you need to take, like firefighter one which teaches you how to put out fires and use the self contianed breathing apperatus (SCBA).

Two colleges that I am looking at to goto to get a degree in fire science are Onondaga Community college and also Schenectady county community college. Both of these schools provide a very good corse in fire science and technology. Onondaga community college is located in Syracuse ny and Schenectady county communiy college is located in Schenectady ny. It cost $5,756 to go to school at Onondaga fulltime and it cost $3,384 to goto Schenectday fulltime.

I believe i would like this job because I like to help people. I also like it because my Father uncle and grandfather are all in the fire servcie and hav been for many ears. i would



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