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Foo Fighters

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 After reviewing the very expressive binder provided by the Foo Fighters, one thing that is very clear is you have to be very detail oriented to complete this task. I would start by looking for a provider who may have had some experience working with high profile clients.  However you may be able to use someone who doesn’t have the experience with high profile clients but has a reputation of being very detailed in their work.  I would look for someone who is not afraid of a challenge. This potential provider will need to one who has the resources or ability to procure fresh items, think out of the box daily, restaurant quality meals, and etc. I would begin my preparation with finding out what local vendors received high ratings for their food and services. Any special accolades would be taken in account as well. I would also probably do a blind tasting of their food items to see if the quality was up to par prior to contacting them for services. The next piece of my preparation would be possible researching past vendors for the Foo Fighters. Possibly speaking with them and experiences as well as seeing if they have any vendors that they work with in the area. I would need to make the vendor has the proper liability insurance coverage. Also checking for additional coverage for myself.  Also brainstorming possible problems and issues that may arise. Look at different backup plans if the provider is unable to produce. Finally I would need to do research on budgets and costs for this type of the event. I would ensure that to make a checklist of all the highlighted items of importance so I would not overlook anything while negotiating.

 Next step in my journey would be to make sure that I set my aspiration, reservation point, and alternatives. While I want break into the business of promoting, I don’t want to walk away doing a job for free. I want to receive compensation and recognition from this opportunity. Considering what information that I gained from the preparation stage, I would know that anchor must 2 million for instance. I would have information that gave me an idea that I may could do the job still if I remain in the range of 2.1 to 2.2 million. I would know that anything more than 2.2 million then I would have to walk away because the cost was too high. I would also maybe look at that the vendor may submit a bid for 1.8 but want me to cover the cost of the liability insurance premium. I may be able to cover this because additional binder on my insurance may only be another 500,000. I would want to make sure that I have some alternatives available. One possible alternative maybe to manage more than one vendor in this process. Possibly using two.  I would then focus on interests of the vendor vs mine. I would want to make sure that the vendor that I choose would have interests that were closely related to mine. It would be key that I use and ask interest baring questions during this process so I can identify why they are in the room at the same time reminding myself as well.



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