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Essay Preview: Football

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        Sunday was my second Steelers home game I had to work this year. I really like the job I have been given. I need to work on being in the vicinity of my work area even if my station does not require service at the times of my absence. It was a beautiful day just the right temperature for everyone to enjoy the game fans and players alike. Seeing as my job doesn’t require a lot of preparation to get started I help the stands close to mine count their products for the day. Once all the fans start to gather around the stadium getting their tailgate parties started you can start to feel the energy flowing though out the whole city. When I took a walk out to the field section of the stadium you start to see some of the players getting stretched out and working on their drills to be prepared. After around two hours of everyone setting their stations up the first of the fans start to enter the stadium. Once they get in majority of the fans head towards a concession of their choice. My concession stand I was in charge of was on the west side of the stadium on the fifth floor. I would walk around for fifteen to twenty minutes until I would make a trip back around to my cart to make sure the condiment cart wasn’t a mess and the costumers were able to get their condiments off of a clean cart. The busiest times for my job are the beginning of the game in between quarters and at half time. I realize that right now I’m only wiping stains off of a cart, but I also realize this is a valuable learning experience with how to work with major crowds of people and working as a piece of a huge organization and how there is no job too small to be mistreated and did incorrectly. With that in mind I look forward to working the next Steelers home game and to demonstrate my ability to be a successful part of a major organization.      



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