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National Football League (nfl) 1935

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Essay Preview: National Football League (nfl) 1935

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The draft was invented by the National Football League (NFL) in 1935 as a way to restrain teams payrolls. It was adopted by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1947; by the National Hockey League (NHL) in 1963; and by Major League Baseball (MLB) in 1965.

The draft is used to allow certain teams to select certain players. Teams take turns selecting players that are eligible to be entered into the draft. The teams that select their player receive exclusive rights to that player they are the only one allowed to negotiate a contract with that individual. Teams are also allowed to trade their pick before or after they are selected. The draft is also help yearly. Usually player selected are players that are the best player not currently in the league and elegable to enter the league.

There are three types of drafts that can take place in sports and they are an entry draft, expansion draft or dispersal draft. An entry draft is used to select player who have become eligible to play in a certain league. The player can come from such placed as high school, college, junior teams or out of country teams depending on the league and their rules, for example to be eligible for the NFL draft players must be juniors in college. The order in which teams pick is established by the teams that do the worst the previous year. The draft is usually held right after the season has complete. Some players drafter by their prespective sports are Sidney Crosby 2005 NHL draft or Michael Vick 2001 NFL draft. The expansion draft is help when there is a new team joining the league. The new team gets a list of player from the other teams that they can select from to start their team, the NHL Columbus Blue jackets came into the league in 2000. Some expansion player selected are Dwayne Roloson 2005 NHL expansion and Aaron Glenn 2002 NFL expansion. The dispersal draft is when a league minimizes their teams an all the teams left get to select players from the teams shuting down. An example of a dispersal draft is 2009 NY Liberty selected N.Powell from the Sacramento Monarchs after the team disband.

Drafts are part of the collective bargaining agreement. Which means that the players get to sign deal for a certain amount of year and once their contracts expire they are eligible to sign new contracts with any team they want. Most of the major sports minimize how much their drafted rookies can get paid and most rookies are considered restricted free agents when their first contract expires. The players drafted are set by the teams opinion they have the right to draft who they feel is most valuable to their team. Many professional leagues have implemented something called a disaster pick to their draft system which is a pick for rebuilding a team should an accident like a death or disability to a player selected. The draft can produce players that are considered draft busts like Kwame Brown drafted 1st overall NBA or draft gems like Henrik Lundqvist



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