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Four Fateful Elections - Article Summary

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Essay Preview: Four Fateful Elections - Article Summary

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Name: Parker Feltner

Period: 6B

Four Fateful Elections Article summary

The purpose of this article was to inform young adults on how these important elections played out and all the candidates' views and opinions. It also told how the world would be if another one of the candidates was elected such as if President Lincoln was not elected, slavery would have continued in the United States of America for who knows how long. If Roosevelt won the 1912 election it would have changed the history books; it would have been the first third party presidential election ever. There has never been a third party election to the present day. Another example of history shaping the modern world is when Roosevelt died during his third term congress passed the 22nd amendment in 1951 which restricted presidents to running for only two terms instead of unlimited running. The Author met his/her goal because he/she wrote an article that informed, entertained, and showed how these elections played an important role in American history up to the present day.

Period: 6B

Book summary

The purpose of these pages of the text is to inform the reader on what the book is based upon and why certain parts of the book say what they say. In the beginning it focuses on communities and how they bring cultures, races, and people in general together. "Networks of kinship and friendship, and connections across generations and among families, establish the bond essential to community life." -Pg. xliv. Moving on in the passages it talks about how the book's title came to being. The title came from the quote on the great seal, "Out of Many Comes Unity." Unity played a huge role on the shaping of America today. Unity is a very important theme of the book. The author kind of did but kind of didn't achieve his/her goal because the reader learns why and where the book comes from but it went off on tangents and distracted the reader from the main point.



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