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Freight Forwarding Uk

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The purpose of this article was to identify the steps that need to be taken

when choosing an effective third party logistics provider. Based on the research

completed, it was determined that third party logistics are beneficial

to many companies. The use of third party logistics provides a competitive

advantage in today's business world. The optimal solution for a company

choosing a third party logistic provider would be a five-step process.

The intention of the research is to identify the most effective ways of choosing

a third party logistics (TPL) provider. Logistics management consists of

three core functions: transportation management, inventory management,

and value added services. Third party logistics is defined as when a third

party is brought in to help manage these functions. A TPL provider is an independent

economic entity that creates value for its client. A trucking company,

a warehouse operator, and a contract manufacturer can all be

considered third parties. The TPL industry is constantly changing, although

its existence is nothing new. The range of value propositions they offer today

has changed dramatically in recent years. Global industry consolidation,

technology integration, industry specialisation, and industry alliance

networks have driven this change.

TPL integrates expertise in transportation management, inventory management,

and value added services. State of the art technology is a part of

each of these functions. TPL create reliable distribution channels and thorough

controls. TPL are highly efficient, and tap into highly specialised capabilities

and functions that increase value for any company. TPL provide

warehouse management, consolidate shipments, select carriers, provide logistics

information systems and provide fleet management and operations.

TPL also negotiate rates, manage product returns, help with product assembly

and installation and provide order fulfilment, as well as replenish inventory.




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