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Future Star Captain

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Essay Preview: Future Star Captain

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I remember when I used to be a Star Captain piloting a fully armored robot warrior. I was enlisted in the Intergalactic Trainee Program (ITP) around the year 3070. I had just been warped into the ship docks all the way from the Milky Nebula to the Universe's Capital, Infinatum, which was said to be the one place all kinds of beings could gather and live in peace with each other. The training facility was in the main building of the Intergalactic Defensive Force, which was the only opposition against the evil forces in the universe. The top recruits from all over the universe were chosen to train in the program and it was the choice of the recruits which field it seemed best suited for them. As for me, well all I cared for and was good at was piloting, so I signed up for the Special Assault Robotics course that was offered. Who would have known that this young recruit would soon become the Supreme Commander in the IDF battalion?

My first weeks in the program were the hardest and most grueling weeks in my entire life. Every night I would go to sleep thinking to myself, "Why did I do this?"

Week after week, we trained ourselves to be able to pilot the Assault Robots and sharpened our skills to the point of perfection. We ate, slept, and sweated grease for almost four years. Since I had nothing else that kept me entertained, I worked diligently on my piloting, which eventually earned me the top spot in our graduating class. I made many friends in those four years as a recruit. My pal Derek, who I believed to be the best mechanic in all of the organization, was my best friend and the only other person that I would ever let work on my robot's hardware. He and I stuck together through all the trials the program presented to us, and through our perseverance, we continued to rise all the way to the top. Right after graduation, I was sent straight to the IDF's Special Forces Unit, which only allowed the top recruits in their class to be invited. There, I began my career as an Assault Robot Pilot. One of the extra bonuses to being in the Special Forces Unit was the ability to choose my personal mechanic and I, of course, chose my best friend Derek.

I can remember our first mission as if it happened yesterday. Our Special Forces Unit had to go the to the far reaches of the Elexion Galaxy to find out what had made the IDF's radar detect an anomaly in the galaxy's energy readings. It was our first mission and we were fully amped up to start it and come back home as "Heroes." We arrived on planet Renascopia, which was an un-inhabited planet and home to five hundred different types of Rank A creatures. We landed and set up a perimeter around the airship which served as our camp site, as well our base of operations. The initial operations were finalized and the first recon unit included myself, our current Star Captain, Maximillium; and Reksha, an alien hybrid who served as our telecommunications officer. We set out to investigate where the energy fluxes where coming from on the planet.

We rode in our robots for at least half a mile until we stumbled upon an old ruin. To our surprise, it had a strange resemblance to Mayan Ruins back on Earth-XVI. We went inside by foot, since our robots could not fit in the rather small entrance, and we continued into the ruins until we came upon a large open room. Right in the center of the room was a cube of sorts emitting a blue light from what seemed to be carved figures on it. I approached closer, as did the rest, until we were a few feet from the now blinding light. Rek confirmed that the cube we had found was emitting large amounts of energy. Max decided that the best choice was to take the cube from its pedestal and take it back to camp for further investigation. As soon as he grabbed it, a loud high-pitched noise rang out and we were deafened by it. When it subsided and we could see that the cube had disappeared and all that was left behind was a small seed. Before we could understand what happened, the



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