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Hoarders Case - Laziness and Lack of Future Consideration

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Essay Preview: Hoarders Case - Laziness and Lack of Future Consideration

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A formal definition of a Hoarder is "a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use". This means, this person just piles up everything on top of each other with no sense of organization or categorization. So whenever something new comes up, it goes on top of the old stuff, as if it's a trash can, new trash tossed on top of the old ones. This behavior is not healthy and it is refused by many people who love organization and so. The reasons behind this behavior are plenty but they can mainly be summarized into two main reasons: Laziness and lack of future consideration.

Laziness is not something that can be easily changed, that's because it's not a habit that you got used to in a day or two. It's the result of the environment you've been interacting with in your early years of growing up. When you are a kid, you are not aware of what's right and wrong. Therefore, you can normally toss things around; throw all your clothes on the bed, pile up different things in your room, that's normal, you are just a kid. However, it's the parent's job to guide and educated the small ones. If you were told when you were 5 years old that throwing clothes on your bed is a bad and a not accepted behavior, that's an easy problem to handle, you will just do that no more. However, if you have been doing this since you were 5 years old till you are 25 years old like now, that's 20 years of practice and getting used to it. So it's obvious that it will be harder to lose the bad habit if not impossible.

Therefore, parents have a great responsibility on shaping the character and habits of their kids when they are in their first years of growth. What they learn in those early years stays with them for a lifetime, bad or good habits it is. Thus, I think parents should be advised and made aware of how critical this issue is, for the sake of the young ones.

On the other hand, the other main reason behind this issue is the lack of future consideration. This means that people who throw things around or pile up their things do not fully think their actions through, because if they did, they would stop doing these actions. Let's think about logically, you have 3 midterms next week and you have been given the studying material this week. If pile everything together and throw them at the corner of your room, how much time will it take you next week to get those notes, re-organize them and separate each subject from the other so you can actually start studying? Probably a decent amount of time, and not only "time", this is all taken out of your "studying time" for the midterms, so you will be preparing for the midterms in less time due to your lack of organization.

However, if everything was organized and well categorized, this will let you get down to work much faster and not only that, you will be



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