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Game Control "call of Duty"

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Essay Preview: Game Control "call of Duty"

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Game Control

As he begins to walk around the corner of the torn down warehouse I begin to hear the gun shots and the scream of one of my comrades being murdered. He ran to the rescue and begins to pull out his Ak-47 getting ready to make the ultimate kill. He sees that he needs to reload his weapon so he can fulfill the task of killing someone on the "other side." The tension is heavy and he is sneaking up on the enemy, as he begins to get ready to strike and claim his victory. He shot the first shot, but he missed the target by a mile. The opponent runs and as he is looking for the enemy, but he senses that there is something behind him. As he turns around he sees nothing, but for some reason there is blood on the floor and he is now dead. When the re-play screen comes up the player finds out that he had been snipped.

This is a reenactment of the game called "Call of Duty" when a person plays online. A game that is harmless to some and kind of gives a realism of what some soldiers may go through when they go to war. Some people think otherwise though. Games like these to some other people are described as ruthless, violent, and life changing. Some games are made to give simulations, comedy, entertainment, and pleasure. The ones that really stand out the most are the games that have shooting and violence in them. They are subject to messing up our children's minds and are believed to have more of an effect on our children. People can't really put every game that has shooting in it in the category of ruining the "future" of our society. Violent video games are no more influential on kids behavior than music and movies.

Violent crime rates have dropped from the early 90's to the present, during the same time that video games were becoming more widespread and more violent games were becoming available. For example, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, First person shooters generally like Saints Row, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. If anything, video games make people less violent. But they at least have no effect of making people more violent. A similar argument could be made for pornography over the same period.

Violent games actually relax players, thus reducing any tendency towards violence.

Real violence is usually painful and puts you in prison; therefore game violence isn't realistic

as most people have greater moral strength and common sense than to actually put the time to think of a crime and reenact violent acts from games that are extremely rare. The supporting evidence proving game violence increases real-world violent acts is greatly outweighed by evidence to the contrary. In fact, frequent gamers tend to show increased reflexes which can be valuable in certain trades and related hobbies. While most violent games have little value to real-world situations, those which also make use of strategy may also increase a gamers' mental acuity.

Some forget that there are other reasons for violence in the world. There is also violence in movies, books,



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