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Smith and Falmouth E-Commerce - Methods of Control and the Current Cultures

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Essay Preview: Smith and Falmouth E-Commerce - Methods of Control and the Current Cultures

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The goal of Smith and Falmouth a small mid-size tele-shopping and mail order network company is to create a free empowering environment in which employees are productive and contributing to the success of the organization. In doing so I will discuss specific recommendations for restructuring the departments that would improve the culture while empowering employees, describe which management practices are most effective, and finally explain how the new structure could affect the organization.

Methods of Control and the Current Cultures

Organizations have personalities too just like a person. Organizations can be firm or bendable, unfriendly or supportive, inventive or traditionalist (Robbins P., Judge A., 2007). In the Smith & Falmouth Company the organizational culture is unfriendly and weak.

The team consists of a new Chief Operating Officer, then the rest of the team which is Logistics Manager Brian, Project Manager James, and Marketing Manager Adam.

Brian is involved in the Logistics team and supervises three employees within his department. Brian is involved in IT, has an eye for detail and involved in other teams and has a vision for the company. Marketing Manager Adam has no interaction with team members and intimidates the web development team which James supervises. Although Adam has good results with product lines he does not foster good communication skills with fellow team members in the company.

Project Manager James who oversees a large workforce has great rapport with each of his colleagues. James leads by example and achieves all tasks when given. James is not seen as being competitive. James empowers employees and has clear team orientation and possesses the characteristics of a strong organizational leader. James avoids conflict and based on the scenario is a good change agent and would be a good asset to bring about the culture of change I am recommending from "weak" to "strong".

To achieve this vision you need an outstanding leadership team, with a Chief Executive Officer who will lead by example and employees which will follow. Everyone is expected to follow this new culture of change this is the "new" responsibility and the "new" way of leading. This should be instilled in Smith and Falmouth's core competencies and core values and we will use these as our initiatives towards a common goal. The culture needs to be consistent in how we deliver Smith and Falmouth's mission and how the services are provided. There is one employee which displays behaviors that may interfere or may be road blocks to the culture change that we've discussed.

Based on the scenario there are different groups and clicks so there is some resistance that may occur. When you have resistance to change you



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