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Gandhi Comparison - Gandhi Vs Jesus

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Essay Preview: Gandhi Comparison - Gandhi Vs Jesus

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Gandhi Comparison

Gandhi was one of the most remarkable men in the 20th century, not only did he help India succeed in the world's first non-violent separation from a dominating country, England in this case, but he also is known to have been a religious figure of stature rivaling Jesus himself. They both helped a minority rise up against oppressors, had a firm belief in non-violence, and are revered even after death. They have their differences, such as Gandhi basing his philosophy on that of Jesus', and Gandhi never responding with obvious distaste towards another, and even makes a pair of sandals for one of his captors, while Jesus responded with an almost threat to the Pharisees, telling them that those who didn't gather with him, would scatter. But despite these differences, I believe that they are essentially alike.

When faced with threats and violence, both Gandhi's and Jesus' philosophy was: "if your enemy strikes one cheek, over him the other". Not only is this quote at the heart of both of their beliefs, but Gandhi frequently repeats this throughout the book and film, not only in theory, but is generous in every way, especially to those who speak ill of him and oppose him, like how when Gandhi always spoke to his opposition, he began with saying "with respect...", and Jesus always respected the ideas and listened to what the unfaithful said, and even ate with bankers and tax collectors. Jesus main cause wasn't to call the faithful just as Gandhi's main focus was on the unjust laws and higher-ups causing grief in India. Also not only were they viewed as belonging to different religions, but they also were followed by those of multiple faiths, for example Jesus was a Jew, yet we worship him as Christians, and Gandhi considered himself to be Muslim, Hindu, Jew, and Christian, which not only helped him bring balance to the different faiths, but also helped him unify them into one, non-discriminatory group.

Gandhi and Jesus were both, extraordinary people and religious figures, uniting the minority and defying the oppressors. They both still have followers today and have multiple stories and biographies about their lives. And while they had slight differences between them, I believe that no other two religious figures could be more closely compared; even the positive impact they made in life still affects us today, and like will affect those long after us.



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