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Mohondas (mahatma) Gandhi

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Essay Preview: Mohondas (mahatma) Gandhi

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Mohondas (Mahatma) Gandhi

Mohondas (Mahatma) Gandhi was the most influential man during his time period because of how he led so many people to believe that making peace instead of war is better. Gandhi once said that “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” and I like this quote is so true and definitely applies to our day and age because of how everyone’s wanting justice but not willing to show any mercy. Gandhi helped everyone see how to show mercy and kindness even when the oppressors aren’t being fair or showing any mercy. He was an amazingly understanding and kind individual and always knew exactly when and in what situations to say exactly what he needed to in order to have an impact on everyone that was in his presence at that current moment.

In addition, Gandhi was born October 2, 1869 in small town in Western India called Porbandar, India. He was the youngest in his family of 8. He had three siblings, three moms, and a dad. His father was the prime minister of Porbandar at the times he was born. When Gandhi was growing up, he did not get a formal education because the British and how they were ruling over that state at the time. Gandhi’s mother, Putlibai, was strong in her religion and did not care for jewelry or any other worldly item, she would split her days between the Temple and her home, she would fast frequently, and would often wear herself out in days and nights of nursing and tending to her sick children.

Gandhi had great examples to look up to which helped him become the man that he did. His father showed him how to be a great leader and his mother showed him how to care, love and show mercy indefinitely. The combination of both his mother and father turned Gandhi into the man that it would take in order for him to be able to lead all of those peaceful protests and marches and all that he did.

Nevertheless, Gandhi faced quite a few trials and tribulations while trying to lead his peaceful protests and marches. One was that the British would try and provoke Gandhi and just do all they could to try and get him to go out of his peaceful ways so they could arrest him. They would try and find any wrongs that he had ever done and hold them against him just to get him arrested. This was quite displeasing for Gandhi because it would slow his progress substantially. Even with all of these wrongdoings happening to him, he still showed the British mercy because that is how he believed he would beat them.

In addition, Gandhi’s made many choices that would help him in the long run. He learned early on in his life that choices are what make up both character and how people see you. Even little choices, they become your thoughts, words, and then actions. Gandhi realized that he had to have great integrity so he would never be tripped up. One of the major choices he made was to be fully committed to a nonviolent way of life. This would



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