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Gang Violence

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Essay Preview: Gang Violence

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Complete 1 exercise from the ten exercises you must choose from 2-10 NOT exercise 1

2. Write a story premise for drama or comedy that can be told in 2- to 3-minute minisodes.


Nuclear attacks, Zombie outbreaks, and alien invasions are just some examples of ridiculous, illogical fears that many hold.

But for residents of small town San Jacinto, there is indeed a serious threat: Gang violence.

Unsolved murders and constant robberies have slowly made citizens of the county fearful for their safety. Almost every individual has been personally effected by the Gang’s grip on the town. Out of the fear arose an interesting beacon of hope: A local middle school teacher and a mic. This teacher, going simply by the name of “Hope” used the internet to talk about her own experiences, and urged others to stand strong and support police efforts to clean up the streets. Her podcasts reached people all over the county, and eventually all over the States. That is, until she was kidnapped, snuffing out the only flame of optimism there was left.

Ana, 14, is a student of the school Hope taught at. She, along with all of the other students at school, are devastated over the whole incident. This is the breaking point for many, and parents are pulling their kids out to leave the town left and right.

As for Anna and her family, they decide to stay. In fact, her parents pull her out to be homeschooled, an action that baffles staff considering the safety of the school due to the heightened security.

As months go by, Ana starts to wonder more and more about Hope, and takes it upon herself to find her. Quickly, she discovers that the answer is far more than she bargained for: Her stepfather, known by many as a well-respected lawyer, is actually the gang boss.

He won’t release Hope because his cover will be blown, the family will be destroyed, and Ana’s life would be ruined.

Will she keep her mouth shut and pretend she doesn’t know, or risk gang retaliation to free Hope?



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