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Juvenile Gangs in America

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Essay Preview: Juvenile Gangs in America

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Weitekamp, G, & Kerner, H. (2000). A report from fight crime: invest in kids. Caught in the Crossfire: Arresting Gang Violence By Investing in Kids,

Juvenile gangs have been in the community since the 1980s. These gangs have cause several deaths to hundreds of thousands of people across the United States of America. Juvenile homicides have been up 50 percent since 1999, according to Fight Crime. There are several reason why the homicide rate has increased so dramatically, and they are the spread of gangs; the development and types of gangs ; and the triggering down effect that the south get from the north.

The gangs in America are spreading rapidly. Since the 1990s gangs which were mostly in the north and west coast started to make its presence in the south. This presence was very dramatic to the south and its crime rate. These organize crimes were established most by juvenile. The development and types of gangs is a key component that shows why the crime rate has gone up for juveniles. This development is has change gangs from an organization of survival of the fittest to an organization of just violence.

I feel that gangs are still increasing in today's society, and articles like "Caught in the Crossfire" helps society find solutions to stopping this unnecessary violence among each other. This article answers the question about the gangs, and the influence it has own our youth. This article shows the violence that is caused by gangs, so I must say that this article is very resourceful and helpful to all communities in the United States of America. Juveniles gangs are on the rise and must be stop before a number of individuals are harmed



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