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Garnier Fructis - Product Introduction

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Essay Preview: Garnier Fructis - Product Introduction

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Product Introduction

The L¡¦Oreal Group is the worlds¡¦ biggest cosmetics company. Garnier, company¡¦s mass market cosmetic brand, also produces hair care and skin care products. Much like other brands from L¡¦Oreal, it is sold in quite a few markets around the globe. Their targeted markets, such as the mass, professional, luxury, and cosmetics markets, in which category Garnier Fructis shampoo would fall, usually classify their brands. When L'Oreal introduced ¡§Garnier Fructis¡¨ in the United States in 2003, the company had plenty of competition to race. Unilever penetrated into the shampoo market with its ¡§Dove¡¨ hair care line, in the same time. However, in 2005 it was obvious that Garnier Fructis came out as a winner in battle of new US hair care brands, having 5.5% of shampoo, 6.9% of conditioner, and 6.5% of gel sales for the 13 months ended September 4, 2005 (HighBeam).1

Current Products¡¦ Situation Since it was initially introduced in the shampoo market, the main attitude of the Garnier brand is to provide its customers with a high quality, daily basis hair care with a variety of different kinds of fruit essences, improvement of hair volume, maintenance of hair color and moisture and hair strengthening. With its unique technology and distinctive chemical formula, Garnier Fructis shampoo is one of the leading brands in the shampoo market. This product is especially popular in countries such as Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, India, France, and the United Sates. After all, 52.7% of their sales came from Europe, 27.6% from North America, and about 19.7% from rest of the world.

Conquering World Market


Consumers¡¦ needs and wants Consumer needs vary from person to person. Therefore, Garnier has several different kinds of products to satisfy all types of consumers. Few people like to wash their hair daily or on frequent basis but not really with special choice. ¡§Garnier Fructis Daily Care¡¨ shampoo enriched with resistant active fruit concentrate, an original combination of vitamins B3 and B6, fructose and glucose, is gentle enough for everyday use and it is useful for hair without any particular problems. Additionally, ¡§Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition¡¨ includes natural fruit oils from olive, avocado, and shea, which gives hair and body essential freshness. It feeds, reinforces and smoothes hair, keeping it balanced and healthy looking, which would be perfect for consumers with dry to over-dried or damaged hair, but also for customers interested in regular hair-care. Next, ¡§Garnier Fructis Body Boost¡¨ with a thrilling mix of vitalizing ginseng and active fruit concentrate, clearly boosts hair at the roots for up to 50% more lift, body, volume, and fullness. ¡§Garnier Fructis Body Boost¡¨ shampoo smoothly cleanses while increasing the volume, implementing body of the hair strands and stimulating the roots for extraordinary all day body and volume that is built to last. This proved to be excellent for customers with flat hair striving for extra boost and increasing volume. ¡§Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves¡¨ model is unique. With active fruit concentrate and lightweight moisturizers, this shampoo tames frizz for balanced, silky waves, perfect for gorgeous, full curving waves that keep frizz away with all day wave design. In addition, Garnier is also, satisfying the need for everyday moisture with its new ¡§Garnier Fructis Moisture Works¡¨ shampoo. Prepared with similar formula that ¡§Daily

Conquering World Market


Care¡¨ has, this smooth system restores moisture in dull or dry hair. Moisture replenished and sparkling shine returns. It keeps scalp fresh, replenishes moisture and shine. This model is for consumers who want their hair smooth, soft, and silky. ¡§Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff¡¨ model serves as a better way to fight flakes, launching their new invention of dual action formulas for 48-hour dandruff management. With its purifying formulas, natural fruit extracts, this shampoo battles dandruff at its basis for a deep, flake-free clean hair that lasts 48hours. Powered with B-vitamins, hair strengthens for a fresh and healthy look. ¡§Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Clean & Fresh¡¨ shampoo provides basic cleaning for all hair types and rejuvenates every strand, ideal for consumers with dandruff issues. ¡§Garnier Fructis Color Shield¡¨ for long lasting color nourishes and protects hair with Fructis Color Shield. It is fortified with acai berry and grape seed oil. This shampoo softly washes and protects color-treated hair, which satisfies customers¡¦ needs for hair-color protection, as well as their wants for shampoo that will maintain their excessive hair coloring (Garnier). 2

Consumer Statistics Speaking of the consumers¡¦ needs and wants 96.7% of company sales were collected from cosmetic activities, and only 2.5% from dermatological activities. Basically, this means that shampoo, conditioners, beauty creams, lotions, and other cosmetic products accounted for vast majority of their revenue compare with small portion in skin care items. However, needs and wants of customers could be, perhaps, best analyzed by measuring cosmetics sales for the past year. 54.8% of sales came from consumer products, 25.1% from luxury products, 13.9% from professional products, and 5.5% from active cosmetics. Naturally, Garnier Fructis shampoo has sorted into consumer products, which accounts for the highest percentage of company¡¦s sales (Wikipedia). 3

Conquering World Market


Overall, Garnier Fructis Daily Care is completely satisfying L¡¦Oreal customers¡¦ needs and wants simply because it provides a terrific hair care and a sense of uniqueness when it comes to the shampoo choice, and this is why their customer loyalty remains outstanding. Dimensions of Garnier market Companies/businesses use some sort of segmentation strategy to group existing and prospective customers. Marketing segmentation is based on the premise that a particular marketing strategy will be most effective if the market as a whole can be divided into subgroups, with each subgroup unique in its needs, wants, and preferences for products and services. There are several approaches used for segmenting markets, such as the Benefit segmentation approach, the Psychographic segmentation, and the Geodemographic segmentation approach. The benefit segmentation approach identifies markets by causal factors, rather than descriptive factors. It focuses on needs and benefits as well as specific brand perceptions with respect to those needs and benefits. Garnier Fructis uses the benefit approach. It looks at the benefits consumers prefer, and this tends to be



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