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Gastronomic Tourism in Italy

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Essay Preview: Gastronomic Tourism in Italy

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        For many years, Italy has been considered as one of the world's centers of tourism. Here almost all types of tourism are developed: adventure, cultural, business, agritourism, sports, pilgrimage, gastronomic, religious and others. Many believe that Italy is the most popular because of gastronomic tourism.

       Gastronomic tourism as a service is more than just an ordinary trip, as gastronomic tourism is a well-thought-out set of activities for tasting traditional dishes in certain regions, as well as a mixture of individual ingredients that are not found anywhere in the world with their own special taste. Italian cuisine is something simpler than, for example, French one. There are no abnormalities inherent in other European countries, but there is something attractive that brings emotions to a new level. It consists of combinations of cereals, vegetables, fish, fruit, meat and cheese with olive oil.

       The food of Italians of different classes is now being prepared from the same products  as ours in Ukraine, and the only difference that the poor eat when they can, and the rich when they want. Italian cuisine is known all over the world for its national spaghetti dishes, mahliteli (noodles), cannelloni (rolls), tortellini (curls) with incredibly diverse sauces, wines, cheeses. Italy is famous for its cheeses. Here you can find so many varieties of cheese that it is impossible to describe in detail each variety. Wine in Italian cuisine, as, indeed, in other cuisines of the world, plays a significant role. We can say that in Italy drinking wine is not less than in France. Here, widespread varieties of grapes like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon are grown. The most famous Italian dessert is, of course, tiramisu. They say that this dessert not only raises the mood, but also in the past it was used successfully for rapprochement in love. Among the European cities with the most delicious cuisine, Italian Florence is the winner. According to the travelers, all the food here is exceptionally fresh and of high quality, and the cuisine of cafes and restaurants is full of fresh game of meat, cheese, olive oil, beans and vegetables. All this abundance is complemented by excellent Tuscan wines. Excursions with short culinary courses under the direction of world-famous chefs are also popular.

          According to the Insart-Unioncamere study, the three most popular activities with tourists are:

- tasting of local food and wine;

 - production of handicraft and typical products;

- participation in food and wine activities in the area.



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