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Global Tourism

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Tourism means to travel either for the sake of leisure or for business. It is growing globally as people need to get away from the work and spend some time alone or with family in a place away from home and make the most of that precious time out of their busy schedule. It is essential to take few days off from work and relax your mind which is important for a healthy life and to have a long life. This activity has grown since 2007 to the year 2008 about 2 % and about 922 (million) tourist's visit globally.

This activity was affected by the global recession in 2000 and tourists count was decreased. There are certain other factors that are also responsible if a tourism departs on decline side like some epidemic disease such as influenza, bird flu, swine flu, plague etc. leaving people to be observed under strict observation travelling from the affected areas and even are prohibited to travel in the countries nearby. Even people are advised for vaccination to prevent swine flu white travelling, as there are certain places where people gather from round the globe and the virus cannot be avoided in such circumstances.

There are numerous places in the world that cannot be missed to be seen having breathtaking views and enchanting sightseeing places. The seven wonders of the world are not the only famous places left for the tourists rather a great many like, Eifel Tower, statue of liberty, PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Burjul Arab Hotel which is the world's famous seven star hotel with a breathtaking view of sea, Cape town in South Africa, Bahamas, Island of Anguilla, Maldives, Australia, America, France. These places have attracted the attention of millions of international tourists since many years.

One cannot miss the pyramids of Egypt and beauty of Seychelles. Fiji, Thailand, Mauritius, China and Japan have plenty of places visited by the tourists every year. The beautiful city of Machu Picchu in Peru is no less than a wonder of the world. Beautiful waterfalls of Argentina, Brazil named Lguazu, in Colorado, the Great Canyon, in the east side of Victoria Lake , Tanzania, the migration of animals, Petra in Jordan, Victoria Waterfalls Zimbabwe, coral reef in Australia, Niagara waterfalls of Canada, Halong Bay of Vietnam, dunes of Sahara Desert, in Antarctica, White Immensity near the North Pole, hill stations of India etc.

Hence one must grab few days and plan holidays in such beautiful places. These days various tourism services are offering packages at reasonable and affordable rates like a trip to Dubai will not be a bad choice where the tourism service will offer you a memorable evening at Desert Safari where the dune bashing in a jeep will be a fabulous experience and thoroughly entertaining, which will be followed by a belly dance in an open year and a buffet dinner in all Arab traditional style. It is therefore highly recommended



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