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Gender Inequality in Sports

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Essay Preview: Gender Inequality in Sports

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Sometimes there are some restrictions due to personal reasons that restrain people from participating in sports (e.g. money restrictions, peer pressure, location etc) besides that the main reason that people (mainly women!!) don't participate in local sports is due to gender inequality most women are conformist and just accept they role in life that men have made for them but for the last 10 years I've noticed that women are standing up and out against sexualisation against women for instance when Hilary Clinton ran for president of the U.S.A I thought there would have been a mass riot because of such a thing happening in the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!, the very thought of a women running for president would make some sexist males blood run cold and it would give the lynch mobs a reason to show themselves again seeing as there would be an abundance of support for them to come back in full force, but of course she backed out most likely due to the threats she ways probably getting so they got a black president instead which I'm sure they would have more happier about lol jokes they would hate it, but still it is ever present and it needs to be abolished but the above statement is only an example of our sexist world that we live if you look at the Whitsunday region you WILL notice that there is void where there SHOULD be a female touch foot ball team but alas there isn't all we have is a mixed team but you can't just blame the sexist men, as I've said a lot of women are conformist and wouldn't dream of playing owing to the fact they would "chip a nail" or mess up there make up they don't know that there making it harder for other women to step out of the norm and prove themselves to be worthy to the men but even some of those women still don't wont to play mixed teams because most men get annoyed when they see women on the field playing their manly sport and they don't think they can handle it so the go out of their way just to prove their right by marking them as the weakest player and using that to there advantage most of the time they are right physically they are weak but never underestimate the speed of a girl they are incredibly fast due to their nimble physic and I'm sure if they were willing to do it if they were put up against the best male touch team in the Whitsundays the female team would have a pretty good chance at winning not only because of their speed but also their amazing communication skills they would be continuously telling each other what to do not just the captain this is a lethal combination and it would make it extremely difficult to beat them also another benefit they have over the big muscular men is that there is less of them to touch, obviously if it was a girl on girl team they would be used to the sizes of their opponents and whilst I'm on the topic of women touching women (I know most of my class mates wont even consider writing about this



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