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What Is a Collision Sport?

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Essay Preview: What Is a Collision Sport?

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What is a collision sport? Well it's simple; a collision sport requires two people running full steam at each other intending to do severe damage. Whenever I think of a collision sport two come to my mind, football and rugby. I would consider football and rugby as the two most aggressive and elegant sports I have ever watched. Both of these sports require an exceptional mind combined with a frightening physique. These sports originating thousands of miles apart contain key aspects that make them eccentric from any other sport we have to date. Football and rugby represent the true hostility of men. Many people don't realize that football and rugby are very similar; yet, never so different. However, there is great debate upon the superiority of either sport. It's now your turn to decide which sport comes out on top; choose wisely.

American Football what can I say! It incorporates everything from hard-hitting player with finesse of a ballerina. Well, how does football work? For starters it requires two teams and a football, obliviously. Then it requires players from a wide range of sizes to occupy a certain position on the field, positions vary from reckless lineman all the way down to the sensitive kicker. On either team there can only be 11 players on the field at all times. The goal by either team is to score or defend their end zone, which can prove to be a pretty daunting task because anything can happen in those 60 minutes. In order to score you must march down a 100-yard field and cross the three-inch goal line, that at anytime can seem to be very tantalizing for either team during a game. Each touchdown is worth six points and then they can kick an extra point or go for two. While moving down the field you are given four downs for every ten yards. Those ten deceitful yards in football can only be gained by running or passing the ball down the field. Thanks to Walter Camp, considered the " Father of American Football" established rules that progressively moved it away from its basis; rugby.

Now that we finished with American football, lets go to its roots, rugby. It is a game that is played in two forty-minute halves; during this time play is almost constant. Each rugby team is only allowed 15 rugby players on each side of the ball at all times. Players wear no protective gear during the match; causing sometimes severe injuries to he players. In rugby there are only two positions the pack, meaning the eight guys in the front blocking, and the back, meaning the seven guys running the ball. There are only three ways to move the ball down the field in rugby, running the ball forward, tossing it laterally or by kicking it forward. Rugby teams have six possessions to march all the way down the field, even though the field is around 130 yards long. This seems like a pretty daunting task if you ask me. The scoring system is five points when a player touches the ball in the opponent's end zone, in addition after scoring



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