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Gender and Family

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There are many factors that go into delinquency. Gender and family are two of the factors that can and will affect a teen being delinquent. Many people say that there are many differences in males and females. I think that family values also play a role in why teens and children may act out. Behavior may exist as early as infancy. The things that children learn at a young age can affect why they can and will be delinquent at an older age. I also think how that child is treated at a young age also plays a role in how they deal with things at an older age.

There are some differences between males and females. Males learn to value independences, whereas females are taught that their self-worth depends on their ability to sustain relationships. Females usually put more into relationships and risk more at times. Females run the risk of losing themselves in their relationships with others, while boys may experience a chronic sense of alienated. Boys are usually very independent and want to do everything on their own and in their own way. Girls usually depend on others to help them with things.

Some males and females have aggression that starts at a very young age. If this is not controlled or acknowledged them it usually will worsen over time. Many times males are more aggressive towards certain things. For example usually older brothers are more protective over there younger siblings. If they see someone being mean to their sibling they can and will be aggressive towards that person that is bothering there sibling. There are some things that people just cannot stand and become very aggressive towards those things automatically.

I think that family and genetics also may a role in delinquency. I think that many of times that children learn what they see. They learn from others interactions with each other. By watching and learning from others it can greatly influence how they act with others. I also think that genetics has some to do with how children behave and interact with each other. There are people out there that are born that have no guilty concessions like so many of us do. They don't feel bad or guilty over things that they have done that are wrong and against the law. This is usually shown at a young age and leads to delinquent acts at a young age.

I think that all teens are treated equally in the justice system. At times I think that females get more chances then males at times. I think that females can be looked at as less intimidating and not able to commit as many sever crimes. This is why I think that females are given more chances. I also think that all teens commit crimes together and peer pressure is a leading factor in why some of them commit the crimes. I also think that males can be more heard headed then females in situations. There are females that are hard headed and stub burn in situations also.

I think that all juveniles should be treated the same in the justice system.



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