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Personal Experience - the Family Circus

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Essay Preview: Personal Experience - the Family Circus

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The Family Circus

"Families are like quilts, pieced with memories, bound with love." Bill and Jeff Keane, the creator of the comic The Family Circus, constantly draws about an average American family. He draws the family in a circle to represent how close they are with each other. He believes that the family is the source of a lot of happiness, a lot of love and a lot of laughs. In the September 6, 2010 cartoon strip, the mother is telling a friend of her children that shouldn't he be home since they're about to have dinner. To this, the child answers, "that's okay. I'll just stand here and watch." This shows readers that there is a hidden message in the cartoon. The child may feel excluded at his home with his family and now that he sees another family joined together by happiness and love and sharing everything, the child feels that he wants that too and tries to insert him to their circle. This shows that an American family is bound with happiness and love and many families may want that.

I defend the argument because when one is united with their families and their bond is strong, they have happiness and love. Because of that bond, some children may feel excluded with their own families and may want to innocently insert themselves into a family that other people have. In the comic strips of The Family Circus, the cartoonists are trying to reach families. United families have happiness and love with each other and have a tight bond. However, ununited families may have an effect on the children. Children that come from un-united families may look for acceptance in another family that is bound with love. They want what the other children have and innocently try to let themselves into their families. For example, the mothers says, "Shouldn't you go home now, Bobby? We're going to have dinner" She is trying to let the child know that it's time for him to go to his own family. To this the child answers, "That's okay. I'' just stand here and watch." This shows that the child does not want to go home either because he feels excluded or they will not be at home. He's hoping that he joins their family for dinner to have a chance at how it feels to be accepted.

Families should be tightly bound with closeness and because of that closeness, they are rewarded with happiness and love and it has a good effect on the children. However, children that come from un-united families will feel excluded and seek closeness with other families that have mastered this closeness. This shows that all families should be close because it will have a good effect on the children and the children will not seek happiness somewhere else. When families are close, their bond is strong and the can overcome anything. So, in the end, "the love of a family is life's greatest blessing."



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