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Gender and Media

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The article shows that the representation of women in the British Rock Music Press is one, ruled by gender biases; this was an indication of what was happening in the contemporary society where the women continued to be discriminated. The article extensively shows how the women in the Rock Press faced discrimination, for example, the case where women were only allowed to hold the positions of entertainers to the men, have to satisfy them, and make them feel honored. This was a reflection of the contemporary society then, where women are considered of less worth, and there were never to be respected (Cynthia, Linda 2004). The article shows how the media participates in gender construction or distraction, in their operations, in addition, the media are always a reflection of what is happening in the society. The article shows that, the position of women in the media, where they viewed them as incapable of achieving what their counterparts (men) could accomplish, made them remain unproductive.

This shows the discriminate one group of people or the impact of offering unequal opportunities due to their gender. If the women get the same opportunity as men, the effect could be different. Rock music shows, excessively continued to make the females feel inferior, as all the women could do was to curtain raise, while men dominated the entire show. In addition, women considered to be weak individuals meant to satisfy the sexual wants for the men. Actually, they viewed women as worthless sex objects. The females took a second position in the society, and they had to submit to the orders of men. All this made people doubt the capabilities of women. For example, it was difficult for female rock journalists to get a chance in the press to air their views while their male counterparts enjoyed the freedom. The men had an upper hand in the press, while women were inferior beings(Cynthia, Linda 2004).



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