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Genetic Testing

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Essay Preview: Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing has become a major booming industry ever since scientist have fully mapped out the human genome in 2003. This new type of testing helps doctors accurately diagnosis patients, while having the ability to tailor treatment to each individual. Genetic testing has many benefits including the opportunity to take a look in the future of a patient's wellness as well as their children's own future. We will have the ability to see if we will develop serious disease in the future based upon our genetics, however it goes one step further and allows us the know the percentages of passing these disorders/ diseases on to our offspring's. I can agree that there is amazing benefits, but where do we draw the line? With every medical step forward we are becoming less and less human. Instead we are robots moving down an assembly line to get our "tune-ups". After getting your tests done, it's your option if you would like to pass your disorders on to your children; instead you can find a fertilized embryo and continue the pregnancy. When will we stop, and draw the line on what is classified as humane and what is artificial? What consequences will result if we continue down this unnatural path?



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