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Genetically Modified Foods Are Harmful

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Essay Preview: Genetically Modified Foods Are Harmful

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Genetically modified foods are harmful

Have not time to consume natural foods but all the time to eat genetically modified foods? Be prepared to face life threatening illnesses. Amidst the shortages manufacturer have crafted a way to allow foods to have longer shelf life, these foods are referred to as genetically modified foods and contains tons of additives which are harmful to society as whole. Genetically modified foods are foods that created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques. When genes are combined from different organisms the resulting organism is said to be genetically modified. Genetically modified foods in fact have a negative impact on society, since it drastically affect the environment, human's health and the economic conditions of a country.

The environment is highly affected genetically modified foods. Firstly, the effectiveness of pesticides is reduced when crops are genetically produced. Almost 80% of genetically modified crops planted in 2000 are herbicide resistant which farmers can spray as much of the particular pesticide killing weed without damaging the crops. This in-turn triples the amount of toxic broad-spectrum that designed to literally kill everything green. Secondly, plants that are engineered for herbicides tolerance and weeds will cross breed resulting in the transfer of the herbicide resistance genes from the crops into the weed (Forman, 2011). This collateral damage already has begun to wreak environment havoc, shifting the balance of nature. The wind, rain, birds and bees have begun carrying genetically-altered pollen into adjoining fields contaminating the DNA of non-genetically modified crops and also the substances these are deadly to birds and bees which can lead to them becoming extinct. Finally, common plant pest such as cotton bollworms and other insects living under constant pressure from genetically modified crops will soon evolve into "super-pest" completely immune to environmentally sustainable bio-pesticides (Quaim et al, 2005). The transgenic pesticides was meant to kill "secondary pest" but instead killed off their predators unbalance nature and thus made them "major pest" and making it difficult for farmers to control increasing number of super pest creating homicide on all crops across the globe.



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