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Global Business Communication for 21st Century

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Essay Preview: Global Business Communication for 21st Century

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Global Business Communication

Business Communication is communication that used to promote a product, service, or organization. Relay information within the business, or deal with legal and similar issues. It is also a means of relaying between a supply chain, for example the consumer and manufacturer. Business communication is somewhat different and unique rather from other type of communication since the purpose of business is to get profit. Thus to make good way for profit the communicator should develop good communication skills. Everyone knows that in the present day trends the knowledge alone won't be a fruitful one to have sustainable development. By knowing the importance of communication many organizations started training their employees in betterment of communication techniques.

Global business communication for 21st century

Nowadays, many company or industries try to apply new concept of business communication, so the costumer who want to get service or product from the company will have no difficulties to get it. Actually every costumers like and interest with the product or service that easy to get, but also can make them satisfied. So it is a duty for many companies to make a good business communication, so the costumers will interest with them.

For example hotel, now many hotel in this world make a new system in their business communication. Now they use E-Booking system to easily costumers doing transaction with them. E-booking is Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and Central Reservation System (CRS) designed for direct on-line booking and payment, intended for accommodation objects of all types and sizes, and this system can be used by businesses to meet their online booking requirements. E-booking or eBooking means making a reservation for a service via the internet.



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