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Role of Business Communication in Day-To-Day Activities

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Essay Preview: Role of Business Communication in Day-To-Day Activities

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Being able to effectively communicate in the workplace is a valuable tool that can help any business and any person's career grow. A lot of today's employers consider good communication skills to be an advantage to their company. Both an employer and the employee can benefit from being able to effectively communicate. Communication has become a necessity in almost all areas of the business world. Effectively communicating is a way for a business to build a trust relationship with its clients. (Herta, 1997) A manager may have to deal with conflict in the workplace and being able to effectively communicate to employers can help handle any disagreements within the workplace without adding any more tension to an already heated situation. Conflict resolution relies heavily on good communication skills, because the reason for conflict in the workplace most of the time is because of miscommunication. (Munter, 2011) When a business can offer effective communication strategies to their employers, employees can continue to get alone and continue to be productive.

Role of Business Communication in day-to-day activities

Business communication is a must in my line of work. We have weekly meetings and conference calls that require being able to communicate with many people at the same time. We have several people who attend and participate in these meetings, which involve face to face interactions with one another. Good Communication is needed for these meetings to relay and share valuable information. Ideas are exchanged, important decisions are being made, and sometimes there can be contracts being negotiated. As a listener, I must utilize my listening skills, which is another vital part of communication. I also take notes to help me keep up with the important decisions that are being made.

Business communication helps me plan my days because I know exactly how and where to start my day. Having a set plan and agenda keeps me disciplined to stay on track with what my plan is for the day. Within the first hour of my workday, I have verbally and nonverbally communicated via email, scans, fax, and telephone conversations. I am able to manage my workdays more efficiently with the use of technology. With these devices on hand I am able to stay focused and productive throughout the work day. Business communication also helps me manage my daily work activities because I always promote change within my workplace. I always try to encourage my soldiers to go to school, get promoted, and stay in shape. I do not want to see anyone fail within their personal life or their career. I communicate these messages to them through emails, phone calls, meetings, and counseling statements on a monthly basis.

Trends in the Workplace

The military is very diverse. We believe strongly in diversity as well as believing that everyone is capable of being successful. Women in the military are



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