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Global Economy

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In recent years, organizations have been facing a difficult dilemma in finding and retaining high performing employees to implement and execute the required actions and strategies necessary to compete in a global economy .Buckingham & Coffman,( 1999, pp 17). Few concepts in applied psychology have attracted as a high level of interest and job motivation (Fincham and Rhodes, 2005: pp 191). One of the factors related to retaining high performing employees is the existence of employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is measured by taking into account how an employee feels about his/her job, supervisor/s, recognition, environment, security, peers, and several other factors. It has been stated that an organization's most important asset is its employees and without high performing employees goals and objectives cannot be achieved. (Fincham and Rhodes, 2005)

There are several factors involved in analysising employee motivation, but it can be argued that one of the most critical factors is the relationship between an employee and their first line manager. Buckingham and Coffman (1999) suggest that the tenure of talented employees and how productive they are while employed is determined by their relationship with their immediate supervisor. Based on personal, one of the major reasons an employee leaves an organization is due to their dislike of their manager. This reason isn't necessarily stated during an employee exit interview, as an employee sometimes masks this by mentioning that they need a new career change one that is more challenging to name a few. The real reason is that the employee doesn't feel valued or appreciated by their first line manager.

In organizations experiencing high turnover, compensation was the most common reason given for leaving. In organizations with low turnover



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