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Global Warming Essay

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Is there such a thing as "Global Warming" and is it caused by humans, or is it a natural

phenomenon and human activity has only a minor effect? I do feel that "Global

Warming" is indeed a real thing caused by humans. I grew up in the 70's and it was not

as hot then as it is now! Back then If I remember correctly we did not have drilling and

deforestation. I do not understand why now cars play a big role in our ozone where as

when I was growing up it did not. I do understand where we as humans are contributing

to the "global warming" theory with gas prices going up and humans trying get more

natural gas, do I agree with it, no but I do understand it. What I don't understand is how

from when I was growing up again in the 70's to now some 30 years later everyone is

worried about it. I do not see how much has changed since the 70's, cars are basically

built the same so the exhaust system had to contribute to the ozone back in the 70's just

like it does now. I don't remember seeing pumping underground every time I turned

around where as now it's like every 5 miles or so. Also I did not hear a lot about volcanic

eruptions happening, that is not to say it did not happen, I just did not hear it, but I do no

that there has been more activity in volcanoes in recent years so I think that has also lead

to the "global warming".

My thoughts on the "global warming" process are this. Yes time have changed since the

1970's but it has not changed that much. The year that "El NiƱo" was happening was a

Very hot year and it was all because of "El Nino" I don't even know what that was but it

Was something that contributed to the really hot year.

To blame someone on "global warming" I don't feel anyone can do fairly because we

all as humans have contributed to it is some way. Rather it be burring a fire outside,



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