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Globle Citizen Speech

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, honorable judges. Today I feel highly honored to stand here and deliver this speech to you. My topic is "Global citizenship begins at home".

Global citizenship, from my point of view, is a kind of responsibility, a way of behaving, under the tide of globalization.

Since China has been a member of WTO for 6 years, great changes have taken place around us. It's no wonder that global citizenship deeply affected contemporary Chinese people. As far as the globalization is concerned, we'll easily find that all the citizens around the world are in the same huge family-----the earth. We care about each other, we learn from each other, we work and have fun together. Just like the slogan of the 29th Olympic Games being held in Beijing says:" One world, one dream."

Nowadays, we can keep ourselves informed just stay at home because of a variety of media. More and more corporations join together to develop advanced products. We begin to notice the significance of cooperation and gradually realized that we are global citizens whether we are young or old, male or female, rich or poor.

However, at the same time, in order to globalize, we expense so much that we are losing something traditional. Therefore, I believe it's of great urgency to think globally and act locally.

It goes without saying that we have to confronted with more problems as a consequence of globalization. We should spare no effort to deal with questions of common concern, such as global warming, pollutions, disasters and terrorist activities for we not only belong to our own nation, but the whole world as well.

As a university student, especially us students from college of foreign language, it's no longer enough for us to pay close attention to our motherland. We are in the competition within a range of the whole world.

Action speaks louder than eloquence. Everyone can be global citizen if he wants to be. If you use paper bags instead of plastic ones, if you remember to turn off the lights when leaving the room, if you read international news everyday, then you've already been a global citizen.

To sum up, Global Citizenship Begins at Home. Only if every one of us takes ourselves for global citizen, can our world be more harmonious. That's all for my speech. Thank you!



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